Hi, I'm Andrea! I'm the owner and mastermind behind Ad Astra Boutique, a brand that offers elegant-yet-quirky STEM-inspired jewelry and accessories.

I'm a Canadian mom, former teacher (but really, still a teacher at heart, aren't we always?), and lifelong learner. I love coffee (iced, please), dogs, and spending time in nature with my family.

The seed for Ad Astra Boutique was planted over 20 years ago, the first time I took a high school science class. I was in awe of my teachers; they seemingly knew All The Things, or at least they were as excited as I was to ask questions and try and discover the answers. From working at a science & engineering summer camp throughout university to then becoming a teacher myself, my love for STEM and the pursuit of knowledge has been a constant in my life that I love to now share with my own two children.

I believe in the power of ripple effects of change. $1 from every piece of jewelry sold is donated to the Malala Fund, an international non-profit organization that advocates for girls' education. This organization supports local advocates and programs to advance girls' education around the world. Learn more here.
Creating beautiful, high-quality accessories inspired by science and math is my ultimate dream come true. Now more than ever, our world needs to celebrate knowledge and all its pursuits.

Life is too short to be boring. Let your inner geek shine!